Hello World!
My name is Diya.
My favorite band is Coldplay.
My favorite color is yellow.

This is my first paragraph.I love to sing and play tennis!! My favorite show is the office

I love coldplay!! pusheen! alternative alternative alteranative

This body paragraph 1.

This is body paragraph 2

I am going to introduce myself.



This will move!

This is a paragraph in inline.

another paragraph in inline.

One more paragraph in inline.

What position will I be?


"Inner view" of script


My name is Diya

var name=prompt ("What's your name?"); document.getElementById("welcome").innerHTML= "welcome" +name; var counter = 0; function count() { counter = counter+1; document.getElementById("number").innerHTML=counter; } function myFunction() { var hour=new Date().getHours(); var greeting; if (hour<18) { greeting="Good day"; } else { greeting="Good evening"; } document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML= greeting; } function changeImage() { var image= document.getElementById('myImage'); var imageURL1="https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d0/7d/cf/d07dcf4cd09ee1c0e0fd3815a1ed7bad.gif"; var imageURL2="193082274544043_19.png"; if (image.src == imageURL1) { image.src = imageURL2; } else { image.src=imageURL1; } } function input (textbox) { if(event.keyCode == 13) { var output=document.getElementById('output'); output,innerHTML= textbox.value; } }